Looking back, it’s hard to imagine how it would have been possible for my business to experience the quantum leap growth that it did last year if it were not for Leverage a Lawyer. Playing it big calls for playing it smart. Thanks to Jessica and her phenomenal team, I’m able to concentrate on the things that drive serious growth and revenue all while having total piece of mind that my legal house is in order. The best part about it, however, is that Jessica made what is usually an arduous process (that is, working with an attorney!) feel simple and effortless. This program was one of the very best investments I’ve ever made in my business."

Angelique Rewers, CEO
The Corporate Agent

Jessica Eaves Mathews is a brilliant lawyer who is my go-to team member for trademarking and creating concrete contracts for my partnerships. After a recent situation involving my company, I am even more clear that if you are serious about business, you must protect yourself and your company. I’ve had Leverage a Lawyer trademark 10 names, and negotiate commercial real estate leases on my behalf. I’m grateful to have someone I can trust by my side to protect my best interest so that I can focus on the aspects of business that I love and do best.

Angela Jia Kim, Founder and CEO
Savor the Success and Om Aroma & Co.

I used Leverage a Lawyer to form an LLC. I was incredibly pleased at their efficiency and super quick turnaround. I barely blinked and there was my LLC! I look forward to using their services in the future. Jessica was so professional, thorough and easy to work with."

Melody Stevens
Time Millionaire

I love how easy the process was and the attention to detail that I received in such a timely fashion. Jessica’s clarity in the communications were clear, brief and to the point. These are key for someone who is busy and needs the results. I will refer Jessica and her firm any chance I get.”

Sheevaun O’Connor Moran, The Queen of Energy
Energetic Solutions & Master Your Energy Master Your Life Radio

I’ve gotten a lot of conflicting information about the right steps for my business and have sometimes shied away from certain foundational aspects because I’ve been nervous about doing something wrong. With Leverage a Lawyer, I have no doubt that my business will be structured and supported properly. Jessica has such a wealth of knowledge, experience, confidence and understanding (both from the legal and the business owner perspective) that I trust Leverage a Lawyer to keep me on track!

Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC

Nothing is sweeter than laying your head on the pillow at night knowing that you have done everything in your power to run your business ethically, legally and protected. Do business the right way. Use Leverage a Lawyer for all of your business foundation solutions. You’ll sleep better because of it!

Kiyla Fenell, CEO
Dream Team Hire

As a physician, I am acutely aware of the importance of having protection in place for all of my business needs. Leverage a Lawyer offers small businesses the necessary tools to operate confidently without worrying about the “what-ifs.” With Leverage a Lawyer the “what-ifs” are taken care of!

Dr. Robert Fenell
Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics of America

Brilliant and insightful are just two of the many words that describe Jessica. I have worked with her on a wide variety of projects, including strategic business development, book co-authorship and accountability partners. Her business acumen is only surpassed her ability to challenge people to reach their true potential and speak the truth while simultaneously be supportive and their biggest cheerleader. Whether she’s on-stage educating thousands, advising a new start-up or providing strategic direction to an executive team, Jessica ALWAYS brings her "A game"!”

Phil Dyer, CFP®, RLP®, CPCC,
Chief Visionary, Co-Founder & Strategic Business Advisor
Broughton Advisory Group

Jessica is like a bright light for entrepreneurs who often run their businesses in the dark. She is a wonderful spirit with a big, kind heart who truly wants to see small business owners succeed in today’s economy. She offers the tools to help us do just that and does it in a way that makes us want to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. She makes building the foundation of our business an exciting process and wants to see us succeed. I highly recommend Jessica and think BBU is essential to anyone starting a business, or currently in business for themselves already.”

Mary Michele Little, CEO
One Chic Mama

Jessica is a big vision thinker with the ability to see the entire plan for any entrepreneurs legal foundation for their company. I would recommend Jessica to any business owner wanting to build a solid base to grow from.”

Kiyla Fenell, CEO
Fenell International, LLC

Jessica is completely passionate about helping small business owners truly understand and get organized about the legal aspects of their businesses. Her knowledge base is solid, too. For anyone who needs to get their business affairs together, I’m happy to recommend Jessica as the go-to woman!

Sue Painter, Owner
The Confident Marketer

Jessica is a fantastic attorney and colleague. She manages complex legal situations to successful conclusion with grace and sophistication.”

Roger Townsend, Partner/Attorney
Breskin Johnson Townsend PLLC

Jessica is high-energy, focused, and very sharp. Her enthusiasm for work is infectious, and she is very much a team player. She was always an absolute pleasure to work with, and she is a very good lawyer.”

Mike Rodden, Deputy General Counsel
BGI/Cascade Investment, L.L.C.

Jessica Mathews is a superb business attorney. She is thoughtful and practical when negotiating deal terms and partners with her clients to devise creative solutions to roadblocks to finalizing a deal. She zeros in on the details and quickly sorts the practical risks from the theoretical risks. On top of her lawyering skills, she’s also personable, fun to work with, and has a great sense of humor.

Meredith D., Deputy General Counsel

I have worked closely with Jessica for about a year and a half. Over that time, she has uniformly demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency both in her understanding of litigation, negotiation and transactional matters, and also in her ability to guide and direct outside counsel in conducting tasks in those areas. As someone who has litigated for more than 30 years and has developed his own highly personal style, I have been particularly impressed with the maturity of judgment Jessica brings to litigation and related tasks. She has a good sense of what is significant in shaping litigation successfully and of the many technical requirements and tasks. In short, Jessica is one of the best litigation attorneys I have worked with and one of the most challenging clients it has been my pleasure to try to keep satisfied with the quality of my work.

Tom Kline, Andrews Kurth

Jessica confidently analyzes complex legal and factual issues and then makes good strategic decisions. She is an excellent writer. Jessica is also a first-rate human being. Potential clients can be confident that they are making the right choice by engaging her.”

Roger Mellem, Partner
Ryan Swanson