About Leverage A Lawyer

The NEW Model of Legal Support

First-rate, Accessible Legal Advice and Protection by Qualified, Experienced Lawyers.

Jessica Eaves Mathews, founder of the Leverage-a-Lawyer program, is passionate about pioneering the new business model for affordable, accessible legal services to support businesses at every stage of growth. Jessica has spent her legal career representing businesses and business owners, from solo entrepreneurs, to mom and pop shops, to professional service-providers, to Fortune 500 companies including some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Through the Leverage-a-Lawyer program, Jessica and her exceptional national legal team are able to provide flat fee, done-for-you legal services designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners up to large companies. At Leverage a Lawyer, we meet you where you are in business.

Our mission is to provide client-friendly, flat-fee legal services while creating peace of mind and legal support that is accessible for business in all stages of growth. Our top-notch legal team is hand-selected with top attorneys across the nation who have many years of experience in serving clients in all 50 states.

Peace of Mind for the Future of Your Business.

Using Leverage a Lawyer for legal services is one of the best investments you can make for your business. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your business is soundly protected and isn’t exposed to undue risk that could cause it damage or worse, ruin.

Legal Help that is Accessible to Everyone.

Legal help shouldn’t be just for big businesses with large legal budgets. Every business should have access to solid legal protection and quality legal advice. Our legal services enable you to get the protection and solid legal foundation your business needs in a predictable, affordable and painless way.

Our services always begin with an analysis of your legal foundation for your business to determine what needs to be addressed and what needs to be created. Depending on the outcome of that analysis, we can create a customized program for you that might include some or all of the following benefits. We also provide services on an a la carte basis!

  • Protection for your brand and intellectual property;
  • Analysis, review and set up of business entity;
  • Agreements for joint ventures, partnerships, employees, customers, and more;
  • Protection for your website and electronic communications;
  • Guidance on handling company records and paperwork;
  • Guidance on dealing with Independent Contractors versus Employees;
  • Training regarding expectation setting for relationships to prevent litigation in the long run;
  • And much, much more!